XR motion speed

Hello, I was using a friends xr table today and noticed the max speed his table is moving seems to be 60 ipm or so no matter what jog speed is selected. Speed while cutting seems the same. The table functions as I would expect it to with the exception of the limited max speed. I own a pro and my table moves far faster than the xr is currently moving. The table is relatively new and the owner is putting an email in to tech support this evening however I wanted to get any ideas that you guys might have regarding the issue. @TinWhisperer @langmuir-cameron

The XR’s in and out s are a little out of my wheelhouse.

I’ll assume that maybe in the machine settings menu the maximum XY speed has been set to 60? I’m not sure why that would affect the program speed but I’m speculating here just a lowly pro owner.

Here’s an update quote where they talk about adding that function.

" Machine Setting: Max Rapid Speed - depending on your machine (XR vs PRO/CrossFire) you can limit the max XY speed of your machine via the Machine Settings menu."

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@TinWhisperer Fantastic piece of info. I will be using it tomorrow and will check that setting tomorrow.

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Click on the settings in the upper right corner of Firecontrol and check the maximum rapid speed it should be 400 for the XR.

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