XR Local Pickup

Really hoping to get someone to further explain the Local pickup requirements. I paid for my machine and selected local pickup. I received an email for me to schedule my pickup appointment, but I am wondering about the requirements.
" Equipment

To pick up your CrossFire XR at the Langmuir Systems Conroe, TX Warehouse, we require:

  • Flatbed Trailer or Flatbed Truck. No pickup bed loading due to loading limitations."

Are you guys saying that you wont load onto trailers with sides? Is that the thinking that you want to be able to load with a forklift from the sides so rails or wheel wells would interfere?

I get that but that’s a hell of a thing to throw out there after you’ve already chosen local pickup. almost all bumper pull trailers have sides. I have read most of the forum that concerns the XR and know a lot of people that were planning on picking up their XR in an enclosed trailer. Or at least thats what I gathered.

I did email support but i wanted to post this here for people wondering about local pickup.

The large crate is loaded with the fork openings on the long edge which is 54" wide. If this can fit between your wheel wells or other obstructions and your trailer can simultaneously carry the long 9’ crate you will have no problems. These are physical limitations which are difficult to overcome.

We think our freight rates are pretty good especially for nearby shipments. Please shoot our support team an email (it seems you already have) and we can book freight for anyone who needs it.

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thank you for the response. It didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t be able to be loaded in from the end of a trailer before. I’ve found one place that might rent a flat top trailer, I will have to inquire with them tomorrow during business hours. I will have to also get a quote for lift gate service to 70517.

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You could just put some pallets on the trailer to get the floor height above the fenders and use any trailer. I often do that or if hauling really heavy items I will use RR Ties as a base to set thing on so fenders don’t interfere.


Not hard to set one end on tail of trailer then come back with forklift and pick up other end ,push onto trailer.

Hey guys sorry for the confusion. There is a typo in the local pickup guidelines. We will load your sided or enclosed trailer as long as it is big enough to accommodate these crates. Just keep in mind that we wont be pushing the big crate any further than our fork length will allow (and not at all if the decking of the trailer isnt conducive to sliding such as a wire deck trailer). So if you need to push it in further for good weight distribution you should consider bringing a winch/come along to pull it up to the front.

We will also only be loading the big crate from the back with the long side perpendicular to the trailer because these crates dont have fork pockets for loading in the other direction. Please dont ask us to load this crate the other orientation. You’re welcome to turn the crate 90* after we load it on your trailer.

Local pickup is something that we are happy to offer to our customers to help save cost. We just ask you that you bring an appropriate trailer and have a good plan for getting them into position and strapped down after we set them on the back of your trailer (if its sided or enclosed).


Thanks for the clarification. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. My trailer has sides and I have a winch on it too so I know I won’t have any issues picking mine up. Another thought would be to sling the crate with straps and set it on from the side…I have my own rigging straps too.


I just wanted to come back and say that I freaked out about nothing… They were so nice and accommodating and it went great. I rented a 6x12 utility trailer from Uhaul and it went great. If you’re not fat like me, 250 pounds. might take more than one person to swing that 600 lb crate around and across the axle. Anyways I just wanted to follow up since I started this off.


Just saw your unboxing video, looks good! Excited to see you get it together. Post any questions you have and we’ll work through them together.

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@langmuir-daniel What’s the average time from “Paid” to “Ready for Pick up”? I paid for mine Friday and I’m chomping at the bit to go get it! :grin:

Have you gotten an email from us to schedule your local pickup time? You should definitely be able to pick it up this week. I’ll ask the person that is managing local pickup stuff.

Thanks Daniel. As of this post, I have not seen anything regarding scheduling a pick up time/day.

Looks like I’m headed to Conroe Monday(Friday was booked) to pick up my table!!! :grin:


Just a humble thought from a guy that loads a fair amount of stuff… it might be worth it to invest in some straps and keep a set on hand. Because it will be inevitable that some people will ignore the loading instructions and show up with there utility trailer and get pissy when you can’t side load or there ramp gets in the way and you can reach far enough for a rear load. You could sling under the crate and drop loads straight down when needed and save yourself some headaches with people who can’t follow instructions.