XR help! Waco, TX

I just got my XR table all set up in a new shop but I am looking for anyone within a couple hours that would be willing to come help me with the finishing touches or I come check your machine set up and how its running. Thank you in advance!

hi, I just saw this post. I hope things have been going smoothly with your table, but if you were still looking for someone to check your machine out or had any questions i am relatively close to your location.

Hey! thanks for the response! I would greatly appreciate your help! I am running into some issues with the software and getting it all figured out. The table is prettty much good to go. Where are you located? Thanks again.

I’m sorry. I did not see this reply. If you type @ and then my screen name it will notify me. I am in mineral wells texas. I will private message you my number

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