XR for sale, Bay Area

This machine will be available for purchase in mid May. We’re currently using it at our startup while we wait for our industrial table.

This should be available around the same time as if you placed an order for a new one right now. At that point, it will have been in service for 2-3 months and will still be in great shape. You will save on shipping and on assembly, which is a long damn time! We had around 4 person-days into the assembly. Langmuir charges $1500 for a fully-assembled table and you can’t have those shipped.

Price will be $6000, which is $2500 lower than the cost of a new assembled and shipped table (if shipping an assembled table was possible).

Located in Hayward. Pick-up only, but we can forklift it onto a flat bed or trailer.

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Update: should be available by the second week of May. I’m going to make this a package deal with the Everlast 62i plasma cutter and IPT80 CNC torch installed right now, plus a bunch of extra consumables ($1500+ retail).

The updated price, with the cutter and torch included, is $7000. I would like to sell them all together as it’s a big pain in the butt to install or remove the torch from the energy chain.

Update: the new table will be here sooner than expected. This will be available by April 27.

This is now SOLD