XR Flashing Yellow Light, maybe related to window 11?

I’m Stumped. I’ve owned and have been running my machine for almost a year without issue. The machine has been sitting idle for 2 months because a shift in demand. Today I needed to cut something. When I start the machine, I get a flashing yellow light, all axis’s are locked up, and I can’t upload the program either. I recently updated to windows 11, not sure if that’s the problem. I reinstalled FireControl and drivers. I’ve adjusted the tension on the axis after releveling the machine.

I get an error …

{“os”:“Microsoft Windows 11 build 22621”,“memAv”:“15.7 GiB”,“pCores”:“24”,“lCores”:“32”,“javaVer”:“17.0.2+8”,“cpu”:“13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13950HX”,“pCpu”:“1”,“spaceAv”:“774.5 GiB”,“memT”:“31.7 GiB”,“disk”:“C:\”,“javaVend”:“Eclipse Adoptium”,“id”:“Intel64 Family 6 Model 183 Stepping 1”,“arch”:“64”,“spaceT”:“951.6 GiB”,“mArch”:“unknown”,“stack”:“eNqdkk9PwzAMxc8g8R2iicN2CVfYFSbBJNCkgTh7rmm9pnblJmV8e9KWcQLx55TYeXk/vyh76MEHkNI/pBA2yhLJVgekNrLK0l2DiEbH0mtNbobajOomsXkU9KhGviPrGanz3LTBFzQU/h6wYqFbkCJQFoMghbWW88XM7QghdeRiRc4oJhPXQ0jk9OVHBrR8RNyMy3Y68SXFqfGBHEDcOcm5zk5PILo/DL/Wty4y1nnekqU8Ij5D3GXt/BvRPj/p8vJqMUGHyu+go4txlyKHzBVMZiTRP1ZGUGxUw+pAmKKatyTPanUO8CS16Ku4rSZD+q/h+eQ2+P7KcfwNk83Xd94Bu2rN2A\u003d\u003d”}releveled the machine,

On your table? or your computer you design on?


I updated to a new laptop and updated on the machine.

I am not sure but it seems like langmuir did not want you to update the mini computer on the table.
I’m surprised it meant the requirements for win 11