XR feet and water storage mods

I built some leg extensions to give clearance for my Harbor Freight engine hoist. They are made of some scrap 4.5" OD 4" ID tubing and 1/4“ plate. They are 6" total length, but the plates are countsunk 1/2“. This gives 8.75" of clearance. You can unscrew the leveling legs out another 1.5" They are very stable, but when I get the table up and running I’ll cut some wider circles plates and tack them to the bottom just to take out any doubt.
Overall height of the frame to the ground is now 37.5"

I also made some real simple 55 gal drum holders that fit in the lower frame. I used 3 2x4x8’s cut to 4ft and 1ft. You have to assemble them in the frame. This way I don’t have to worry about any clearance issues with any kind of engine hoist I use.


Nice mods :+1:

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What are you using for a pump for this set up?

compressed air 5-10 psi should do

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This is basically how late it out.


What are you using for Coolant?

Sterling Cool