XL table + water tray

Hi guys. If I order the XL table which adds 10" to the y axis making it 33" instead of 23, and also order the water tray, will the water tray be sized larger like the table? If not, is there a source for a tray to fit the XL table? Thanks!

The original crossfire did not take full advantage of the size of the water table. The extra 10 inches that the XL adds takes full advantage of the stock water table.

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The original Y axis gantry was mounted inside the footprint of the table so you could only cut as far back as the gantry would go before bumping into the backside of the table - you lost about 8" there. In the front, the end stop was also inside the table space. You list another couple there.

The new one is longer in the front & back. The gantry stop is now outside the table footprint. That means the torch can come up to the inner edge of the front & back of the water table. +10" :slightly_smiling_face:

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