XL “out of stock”

Look to order and wondering if the “XL” add on is coming back in stock at some point or is it being scapegoated now that the Pro is here?

I’m just a hobbyist and I think the XL would suit my needs but without the XL I would be a little short on some parts I want to make for my “go fast” car.

I have the Crossfire XL that I ordered this past December. If I remember correctly, the XL kit was not “in stock” when I placed my order either, however, it showed up just a few weeks after the main table kit arrived. My opinion, the XL is a must if you want full use of the Crossfire. I am very happy with mine.

you can’t even order one right now if you wanted to… The button won’t allow you to

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I was wondering how to order the XL kit myself. Been saving to get the kit and now they’re backordered. I surely hope it’s not permanent!!!

I just ordered the XL kit but the XL part was removed and changed to the standard kit! I also want the XL option and I talked with Aksel from Langmuir and he told me that they are not even taking orders for them at this time. He went on to say it will be at least a couple of months before it will be available. I’m not happy about that but I can live with it. In my opinion they should just make the XL the standard kit. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the whole table?

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That makes sense. I’d rather do away with the short “limited” cut area and just make the Crossfire XL the Crossfire and not have 2 ‘different but the same’ tables…
I’m going to wait for the virus hysteria/problem to subside then I will order the XL kit. If I can’t get it I will just source the parts needed.

At this moment I have time available to wait for the XL. I’m sure I can find plenty of “learning” projects to do on the standard. The only thing is I don’t want to put the standard table together then in a couple of months take it apart and put it back together as the XL kit. Not a real big deal but I’d rather be spending my time learning and using it instead of putting together, taking apart then putting back together. Oh the big problems I have to deal with :wink:

The xl kit is a easy add on. You don’t have to take much apart at all, your just changing out the 2 beams. Legs, crossmembers, water tray, control box all stay where they are.

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I personally don’t have the room or need for the XL version. If the XL was the smallest option, i probably would not own a CNC plasma table. The original Crossfire was the right size for the right price for me

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How hard would it be to source the crossmembers and fab it myself? Does anyone have a picture that shows what would be needed?

I thought the XL fits the same floor foot print, just the 2 beams are longer?
I understand the budget has only so much money in it.
I wanted the Pro but the addition cost was more than I wanted to spend when just getting into this. Maybe down the road I’ll kick myself for not spending the extra money but then again maybe the XL will be all I need. Time will tell.

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The casters on the main legs may sit in the same spot, but the 2 beams being longer means they will stick out more than they already do. The beams hanging out there even more than they do now are what would make it too big for me. Project space is a premium in my garage hahaha

Oh now I understand. I’m lucky I have a 40’ x 40’ building but lots of other things go in there too. The equipment area I have available is a much smaller area of the building. When I bought this building I thought I’d have soooo much room for all my stuff. Surprising how quickly that space shrinks.


My shop is 30x40 on the outside. About 15x20 on the inside. I know all about shop shrinkage. :sunglasses:

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I installed kit all went great but I believe my rod is about 1/2" to long does this need cut

Contact Langmuir, they will send you a correct sized rod. My kit had the screw rod a half inch short, I sent them a photo and they sent the correct one.

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