X45 torch's and consumables

Please Note:

Razorweld 45 plasma cutters have 2 different X45 torch’s on them. You will need to know what one you have to get the right consumables. Mainly the retaining cup.

All the consumables are listed here.

Also the CNC torch’s will be here in a few weeks if you want one to match your hand torch so you can use all the same consumables, other then the CNC shield.

Anyone can contact me about what they need and/or want.

Also these consumables will be available for the X45 torch in the next few weeks if you use your hand torch.


Update X45 CNC torch’s will be here on the 1st. If anyone would like one please contact me.

Also the hand torch’s, gouging and long consumables will be in stock.

I have the 2nd torch pictured which one is that? Sorry if I’m over looking the label or description some where.

That is the TH70/X45 torch.

Awesome thank you! Do you have a link I can buy those consumables? Appreciate the help! New to all of this lol

You can buy all those from my ebay store https://www.ebay.com/str/theplasmacuttershop or you can buy them direct from me by email mechanic416@georgesplasmacuttershop.com to save some money.

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Thank you!!! I will email you later today! Seriously much appreciated.


The Tecmo X45/TM70 machine torch’s will be here in mid May. The supply is limited so if you want one please email me to get on the list.

Also note: All the consumables are in stock for the hand torch as well as the machine torch.