Hey everyone! I am upgrading my Lotos LTP5500DCNC to an X45 torch. I installed it last night, and it did not fire. I’m just curious if anyone has a pinout diagram from the Lotos machine and what the pinout should be on the X45 torch? The Lotos machine is flashing “Torch Protection” mode on it. Thanks for any input you can provide!

Pins 8 & 9 on the new X45 torch are shorted to each other, whereas on the IPT60 torch that came with the machine has those two pins running to the torch end. Also, the X45 torch does not have pins in 3 & 5 (if I remember correctly), whereas the IPT60 has pins in those locations.

Upgrading from what??


I’ll see if I can find an internal wiring diagram

@mechanic416 need your insight here .

I am maybe not upgrading, but I am going from the stock torch that came with my Lotos machine which I believe is an IPT60, to the X45 torch from PlasmaDyn.

Or maybe @PlasmaDyn can chime in about their products.

@TinWhisperer ,The issue is the wires in the Torch connector. Lotos 5500D has a one way of doing it, most mfrs have different ways. Somewhere in my collection of files I have this but won’t be able to dig into it until tomorrow morning.

@insandity Welcome to the forum. You will have to move some of the pins on the torch connector to get it to work. This is easy to do, but you will need to know how… mañana

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I realized that after my first post.

“Post first, read later” issue on my part

I can not find a manual for the LTP5500DCNC

here is one for the LTP7500DCNC with the ipt80 torch but still contains no wiring schematic on the internals.

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Here are my notes on the LTP5500D CNC torch wiring. You can probably find how to move pins on that connector with a simple search. You won’t need wires or pins for the Trigger signals.

Pins 8 & 9 tell the cutter that the cup (shell) is in place. The cutter won’t fire without these. Pins 1 & 4 are misnamed in my note and are really the Tip connections.

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He will be fine as long as he understands he will only be able to use 45 amp on his plasma cutter. as that is the only cutting tip he can get for the X45 torch.


Here is the X45 Torch (pins 3 & 5 are not used):

I’ve reinserted the consumables and checked air pressure. Still flashing “Torch Protection” and will not fire the torch. The stock torch still fires when I connect it up.

Here is the stock torch connector:

Two possibilities:

  1. Pins 8 & 9 on the torch connector are not conducting to each other (this will happen if the shell is not seated properly or the shell ring is corroded.)
  2. You haven’t wired in the Torch Fire controls to the CNC connector properly. When using the original hand torch, do you have to tie off the trigger switch to get it to fire?
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We manufacture 25A thru 50A tips in shielded/unshielded - fine cut - and drag.

Hi Josh - its Pin 8 - 9 continuity issue. My guess is pins came loose during shipment.
We do pin-out test, fire actuation vs psi, and High Amp stress test on every torch we ship.
Please call us and we’re happy to get you going -


Thanks everyone! It ended up being pins 8 & 9 didn’t have continuity. I had to push the pins and good to go now.


I picked up an LTP5500DCNC from Amazon for my Crossfire that’s in the mail. How do you like the X45 torch compared to the original PT60 that the Lotos came with?
Are the improvements in cut quality and consumable life significant enough that you would make the purchase over again?