X45 Machine Torch Not Firing

Really dumbfounded on this one. I’ve read through countless “torch not firing” threads and am stumped. I have the vipercut 30i. When I connect the S45 torch it came with, everything works fine. When I plug in the X45, the relay triggers, air starts flowing, but no arc. Not even a pilot arc. I’ve replaced the consumables, double checked the assembly order, inspected cables, etc. I have yet to start digging into the machine or CNC controller, but since everything seems to work with the other torch, I don’t know what I’d be looking for! This torch worked OK a several weeks ago, so I’m trying to think of what could have changed (this crossfire lives in a HS manufacturing classroom and is used intermittently throughout the year).

Thanks for any help or points in the correct direction!

Edit: THC/IHS is installed on this machine. Could that somehow be interfering with torch firing?

First you should not be using a X45 torch on a Viper 30 plasma cutter.

My guess would be the electrode plunger is stuck.

THC has nothing to do with a torch firing.

Thanks for the response! The plunger seems to move freely and is not stuck. Though I am unfamiliar with this torch anatomy, when the outer shield is screwed on all the way, should it depress the plunger all the way down? Doesn’t seem to be any play in the cutting tip once the outer shield is installed. The torch did work (seemingly OK) when it was first given to us. What are the downsides/issues with using this torch with the 30i?

There could be a lot of things wrong. Were did you get the torch? What and were did you get the consumables you are using? Air pressure has to be 60 to 65 psi.

The down side is your using 1.0mm/50 amp consumables on a 30 amp plasma cutter.