X45/LTP5500D/60D CNC Plasma Machine Torch + Consumables

Bought for my Lotos LTP5500D but soon upgraded to a Hypertherm. Comes with ~$350 worth of extra standard and Finecut consumables. See below for original listing where I bought the torch and consumables. Asking $375 for all, shipping included.

Comes with

  • 1x Machine Torch
  • 11x Standard Electrodes
  • 5x Finecut Electrodes
  • 1x swirl ring
  • 1x shield cup
  • 1x Machine Shield
  • 4x 20A-50A nozzle
  • 5x 70A nozzle
  • 5x Finecut nozzles
  • 1x Finecut Shield

Torch & Standard Consumables:

Finecut Consumables: