X y axis falling short on breakin program

I zero my x and y to the front left corner.
when I run the break in program the z axis assembly runs short about three inches on the left and about an inch on the right…same as when the table it runs about three inches shy…like I said I zero my x and y before I run the program…

The break in program does not run from travel limit to travel limit, so the extra margins you speak of are normal.

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I am having issues with the break- in program. The y axis stops about 3 inches short and the x a axis stops in the middle of the gantry and reverses . Looking at a YouTube video and there x axis travels all the way. What is the problem?
I zeroed everything at the lower left corner.
If I hit the return to work it goes back to this point.
Thanks for any help.

Are you sure the X axis is not binding and stopping in the middle of the travel? Jog it back and forth across the X axis to make sure it doesn’t bind at 300 IPM.

If the X axis is reversing direction when you are commanding it to go the other direction, that is a symptom of the X axis connector being pushed out of the electronics box by the screws that are supposed to hold it in. Loosen the screws and push it all the way in. Don’t tighten the screws all the way.

There really is no need to run the break in program. It’s only purpose is to demonstrate the there is no binding in either axis. You can accomplish the same thing by jogging the table to the limits in X and Y.

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I tried the adjustment on the plug in on the control box. Same issue. X axis only travels half way across during break- in then reverses itself because the y axis is almost at full travel less about 3 inches . I can jog it both ways without any binding. Hope it doesn’t do this when I try to run a program. Seems like the y axis is traveling faster than the x axis. Got me stumped. Lol!!