X-stepper driver not working properly after replacement

try swapping the Y and X axis cables on the outside of the electronics box to see if it follows the motor.

Well we have ruled out everything that we can . Looks like LS will have to figure out the difference in the wire harness. For a pretty simple set up the LS tables can get complicated. Let us know what the issue is when its fixed. Someone down the road may have the same problem. This is a new one on me. Sorry i was no help, But we sure gave it a try and ruled out some things.

I agree with this suggestion. This will isolate the problem to either the physical motor or the drive electronics/wiring. If the Y motor stops working after swapping then it’s the driver/wiring, otherwise it’s the X motor/bearing/etc.

I think the ‘odd’ black item is the new replacement torch relay.

so i guess the good news is when i swap the x and the y cables the y axis exibits the same problem and now the x axis moves freely. I am fairly confident at this point it is not mechanical but electrical .

Thanks to everyone who has responded for the ideas and troubleshooting , at least i am learning more about the mechanical components more

you mentioned you had to switch out the X access driver with a new one. Was the original one bad as well?

the dip switches on the each driver is different. make sure they match the one you replaced. could be as simple as having the wrong dip switches set.

so the original one was fairly badly dented and the connectors were bending away from the board . When i was diagnosing that problem i also discovered it was leaking current into the main case causing other odd issues. They sent me a new wiring harness and a new x access driver . On the old driver it had only dip 6 set to on. The new one also only has dip 6 set to on.

Im glad your on the right track. This is the best forum I have ever been in. People willing to jump in and help. You will get this issue fixed and be cutting soon. And cutting is alot more fun than trying to figure out why you cant cut.

I agree everyone here has been really great, it is a good community. Ain’t gonna lie its super frustrating since i am about a month into this saga now. I understand LS has no control over the shipping process when it comes to UPS and everything was packed about as good i could have expected for shipping something this large.

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Them UPS people should have all been football players the way they throw stuff. Not all im sure, but many.

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They wannabe so they’re still trying out :smile:

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