X ran into hard stop now machine will not function

I am a new user of the XR. I just finished assembly and setting up controls. I failed to check the X axis limit switch before running the “Homing” function and the X axis hit the hard stop before tripping the limit switch. I have a flashing red light on the torch cover and the machine will not function. What do I do to reset the machine so the axis are functional? I had to bend the limit switch tab more than 1/8", closer to 3/16" to trip the limit.

Can you take a picture of the screws used to adjust the limit switch’s
Mine were very long and lots more adjustment left after setting limits.
Also what error is flashing on the screen?

The machine is at my employer. I will not be able to send a picture until next week. The “Y” axis limits are good, I ajusted them as described in the assembly manual. The “X” axis is the issue. The Firecontrol software simply shows the “Alarm” designator highlighted in red. I was able to freely move the “X” axis by hand after the crash and discovered that the limit switch tab was not contacting the switch arm, therefore the crash into the hard stop. I also had to readjust the X axis bearings.

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sorry to hear there is an issue…

so someone should help out here shortly…but do not forget that Langmuir has phone support for the XR…so you can call them Monday morning…

Thank you toolboy. I will call support first thing Monday morning.

Power off controller and turn x axis ball nut by hand away from hard stop . Turn power back on clear alarm on screen then finish setting up parameter’s for limit switches.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow morning.