X-Axis wobble in one area on X-Axis gantry tube

Having some cut issues specific to the X-Axis at a particular area on the gantry tube. I am getting wobble in my cuts only in this particular area and you can visually see wobble in this area even at slower speeds. You can also wiggle the entire torch head and mount in this area but not able to wiggle it in any other areas on the gantry tube. This particular piece was cut at 180ipm and is 14ga HR Mild. Hypertherm 45 (non XP) I have likely had this issue from the start but didn’t really notice as I was focused on just learning the machine. I am now getting more comfortable and starting to finally dial in the machine.

PIC1- Shows some wobble in the cuts and also shows when the cut starts to improve outside the affected area

PIC2- Shows the good areas and wobble areas in green/red respectively.

I am concerned on trying to make any adjustments to reduce the wobble in the affected area as it might bind in the good areas. I thought I would try here first before contacting support. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know what other info you might need.

Look over the X axis tube where bearings ride, might have something stuck to tube in those areas where it wiggles, or pant is coming off? Might have to adjust bearing tensions a little more…


I had checked prior to posting, but didn’t hurt to double check. Didn’t find anything stuck on the tube and the paint is only coming off where to top rollers hit. I have been keeping the roller paths sanded down smooth on both the X and Y axis as I had previously had the Y axis binding at 400ipm (solved by ball screw tension adjustment).

I did take your advice and adjust bearing tension on one of the bearings that appeared to need it. It does appear to have taken the slop out and I have run it back and forth without binding in the previous good areas. This may have resolved the issue! I will have to make a cut later and report back. Thanks for the kick I needed.

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Although I have only been cutting thicker material (slower) since tightening the bearing, I am fairly certain this resolved my issue.