X axis travel issue

I am again having an issue with my X axis not wanting to rapid travel at 400ipm. I have followed the recommended procedures 3X as outlined in the troubleshooting and maintenance guide, which is exactly what Cameron had me do the first time. This time I still can not get the carriage to travel at 400ipm unless it is at about 1 second bursts. If I try a constant travel at 400ipm, the carriage will only travel about 1" in either direction and the motor binds up. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing is helping. Is this an indication that I have a faulty X axis motor? I only have less than 7.5 hours cut time on the table.

Will x axis travel with no binds set at lower travel speeds? I f so then you have either ballnut screw out of alignment with carriage or bearings still set to tight on x axis. The bearing preloads are touchy …Make sure on ball screw end with tension screw side that it is tight to bearing but not overtight, if not enough tension the screw will spin and ball screw will not rotate there for x axis stops moving.

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Yes it will travel the full distance at any speed up to and including 300ipm. As I already stated, I have been through the alignment and tensioning
process 3 times.

Let me know what the fix is, I have had a similar issue. The only thing that seems to possibly help lubricating the lead screws well.

I was having the same issue and I checked and fixed all alignment and tension issues, but I still had issues. I re lubed everything thoroughly and that seemed to fix it all!