X axis tension and worn drive belt

Well after over 8.5 hours of torch time doing metal art, my machine has started having issues locking up on the x axis feed at 400IPM. all other speeds ok. I noticed the belt was like a loose chain on a motorcycle, so figured this was the reason. Anyway, I ordered new belts for whole machine. Was still wondering if anyne has figured our a better way than the feel method that Langmuir states is the way to adjust the ball screw tension.
Thanks Larry

The belt tension on the X belt can be adjusted. As far as tension on ballscrew i just barely tighten and have had no slip or bind ,doesn’t take much tension.

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ok. will try those ideas. Did not look to see where the belt tension could be adjusted, just assumed it was a no go.

Thanks much appreciated…


Ok all,

fixed the issue with rat196426 help. Found all but one allen bolt and nut loose on motor. Tensioned belt, Tightened up all and seems to run ok again. When i originally looked at this I did not see that there were some slots for the motor to move on. Seems these should be checked as a pre flight either at factory or by user. I also noticed no washers or lock washers of any sort used for assembly to slide on better. Will make this upgrade when I have time…


How much tension did you put on the belt? My machine came with the X-axis motor all the way at the bottom of the slots and a loose floppy belt. I have found nothing in the instructions about checking the tension on the belts prior to first run. Langmuire really should have something about this in the installation instructions.

Don’t go after it with a 6-foot-long pry bar. Just snug it up, don’t need a lot of tension on belt.

Naw, I’ll use just a 3 foot long pry bar. I should still be able to ruin something with that.