X axis stepper motor hissssss

I completed the assembly of my cross fire this weekend! (WaHoo!) After following the alignment and set up in Mach 3 - i did a few jogs to get the X and Y axis set. I noticed that the X-axis stepper motor made a noticeable “HISS” sound but moved smoothly in the jog settings. I ran the break in program and all went very smoothly.

I set the break in program to run a second time at at about 2/3 of the way through, the X axis motor stopped and made a LOUD rattle sound. I stopped immediately, reset and clicked go to zero and everything moved fine back to my 0,0 point.

I ran the break in program again for about 30 seconds without any drama, but the X-axis motor is still hissing…

Any Help?

Hi @brettkeath,

Break loose the two screws that secure the X axis lead nut mounting tab to the torch carriage. Then re-tighten both. Based on your description it sounds like it may be a little out of square. Beyond that, its always a good idea to have lubricant on the lead nuts if you don’t already.

Thanks! I had already checked (loosened and reset) both the lead nut mount bolts as well as verifying square on the lead screw mount. Lubricant recommendation?

Grease works the best, really any that you have on the shelf will be sufficient.

Thanks! Love the Machine!

My motors hiss anytime the table is not moving. Is that what you’re talking about?

@langmuir-daniel - I went back and reviewed some of the others posts on the x axis. My X axis lead nut was very tight and hard to install. I’ll try greasing it up tonight. I think that may be it.

@bricklef - My Y axis motor vibrates lightly but does not “HISS” The X-axis is much noisier but seems to vibrate similarly to the Y motor. Vibration is normal - didn’t think the Hissing was, though.

Also make sure the white part of the nut is pulled back behind the raised ridge on the black “fingers” on the lead nut. If it runs up over the ridge it will be tight and if it goes far enough forward it won’t turn by hand at all.

(Don’t ask me how I know :grin:)

I also am wondering what the baseline for noise is for this machine.

When operating it sounds like StarTrek and i am fine with that :sunglasses:.

When sitting idle the motors seem to be pretty noisy, not to be confused with the fan sound of the power supply. The motors do not seem to be heating up at all and run smoothly. Just Noisy a loud humm or hiss. Especially at certain positions on the table if it stops there.

First CNC, just wondering what “Normal” is.

Exactly the information I’ve been googling for. Thanks!

going to bring this back up…mybe my shop is too quiet…but my x motor when not in use sounds like it has an air leak…at first I thought it was an air leak…but my compressor is not in the same room…there is no compressed air lines in the new shop…and the noise stops when I turn the power off to the table.
it is not the PC fan…if you listen each motor hisses…but the x one is pretty loud.