X axis stepper motor hanging up?

Has any one ever experienced this? It happens sporadically during cuts. The motor makes a very odd whining noise (similar to a crash but not quite the same) and does not move. Torch continues to fire like normal and the cut will continue but the x will be a few inches off for the remainder of the cut rendering the piece as scrap. It’s done the same thing while jogging the machine.
I’ve inspected the lead screws. No debris, no damaged threads. Coupler from motor to lead screw is secure. It’s not always the same spot either. Any tips?

Have you cleaned and lubed the ball screws? Have you check the carriage for binding? How long have you been running the machine? Did this just start to happen and has it ran fine before? Has it done this from the beginning ? You may be asked for more information about the machine…
It does sound like it is binding! To find out you will have to remove the motor and the end block so you can move the carriage by hand and it should move from one end to the other with very little resistance. If it binds in some spots you will have to re-adjust the bearings so the carriage move over the areas that are binding. I had to do this with my machine but I found this before I connected the ball screw. I found the high spot in the tube and set the bearings so I could move the carriage across the high spot with very little resistance.

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I’ve been running the machine for about two years. It just seems so weird that it’s an intermittent issue. I can jog the machine the full length of travel a dozen times without issue, and then randomly it’ll hang up. It happens probably once out of 20 cuts.

I’ll pull the ball screws and inspect tomorrow!

That’s where I would start! Someone else here on the forum may know what the problem is. Just hope it isn’t the motor going bad!! I have the Pro table. You will be asked what table you have. I should have asked in the beginning. Sorry! Hope someone else reads this and can help you, Good Luck! And welcome to the Forum. There are some pretty smart people here…


I’ve got the plain ol’ crossfire with the expansion.

I’ve got my eye on that pro though…

2 year old table…well done…
to me this possibly sounds like stepper motor issues…
II expect you are running MACH3…so what I would do to see if you can duplicate it…it may take some effort and time…but could save you problems later

find a pattern you have had this happen to…run it on thetable without the torch on…and watch it…watch your motors…see if it ahppens…

it may be a stepper finaly deciding it is done…

Just checked back on a video I took when I got it assembled, it’s actually only been a year and a half. Yes, I’m using Mach 3.

Regardless, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll give it a shot after work!

Have you checked the bearings? Maybe they are dried out or worn out?

Hi…what pitch screws are you using, and what voltage are you running at?
And what is your acceleration set to?

Are you lubricating the screw?

If you’re using a rigid coupler, then alignment is critical, and almost impossible to get perfect on an MDF machine, as the slightest misalignment will cause it to stall.

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