X Axis not in sync, table flexes during movement

So I just got finished building the crossfire pro and ran the test file. But after running it or even running the x axis manually I see the table flex and shift, then after I go back to zero the left Y axis is at its zero. But the right Y axis is about half an inch off.

I know this is an adjustment screw up, does anyone know what or where I screwed up and need to adjust or tighten?

I’m thinking legs, axis bearings or re square the table.

Any ideas?

Edit: Post corrected to save confusion about X and Y. Problem still persists.

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make sure these block are in there correct position.



There is only one X motor. The Y has two. Is there any binding on either side when jogging the table? One of the motor couplers could be slipping.

My apologies I realized last night after posting I meant my Left and Right Y axis is the issue.

But yea the larger ones are on the 2 two axis rods and the short is on the X axis. I have them installed correctly.

Doesn’t seem so. But with power off I do notice if I grab the right rod, and twist I can get it to spin a little. The left is much more tight.

Power on neither spins just as the assembly instructions state.

But I ran it again this morning and it’s losing zero on both sides. But I don’t believe it’s slipping.

Mark the motor shaft and the lead screw with a Sharpie, then run it back and forth a few times and see if the marks are still aligned. That will tell you if its slipping on either side.

If its binding, you should hear one of the motors stall. It won’t hurt to oil the lead screws and see if that helps. One of mine was very sticky from whatever protective lube was on the screw.


Yea it’s not binding. I know that noise.

But that’s a great idea I’ll try that tonight with the sharpie.

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Another thing you could look at is to make sure that the plugs coming from the motor are completely seated in the electronic enclosure sometimes the little thumb screws will hold it out just enough to cause issues.

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Ok so the issue was resolved.

After resquaring the table and going through a bunch of things we realized one step motor would start after the other tweaking the table.

After tightening the motor clamps down completely almost rounding most of them the issue was resolved and the table is now in sync as it should be.

Great table only thing id suggest them upgrading is these motor clamps. One was out of round we noticed when assembling, which is the one that gave us this issue.

If you got a bad coupler contact Langmuir, they will ship you a new one.

On the advice of @Bigdaddy2166 I ordered some of these to replace mine when/if they break or fail.

Several people have used these in place of the aluminum ones to get a better grip.

If you search coupler or coupler slip you will find allot of discussion about this.

Congrats on the new table! Have fun!

I’ve noticed in some. I did people have upgraded the couplers.

I’ll keep that on hand thank you!

But as for now it’s working. If I have issues in the future I’ll be sure to contact them or just upgrade.