X axis not going all the way

Hello my x axis when going over to one side will start making a grinding noise and then stop about 3 1/2” from the end on one side, wondering if anyone else had this problem before and how to fix it?

Check to see if you got a y lead screw bracket mixed up with a x axis lead screw bearing bracket, it happens.


I checked the screws look normal and it runs smoothly everywhere except on the one side on my x axis

Trying to put a video of it on here but won’t let me…

As @rat196426 mentioned, check to make sure that you have installed the correct X Axis Lead Screw Bearing Mount in that location. If you installed the wrong one it will cause binding at the location you have shown.

I recommend turning the machine off and then turning the lead screw by hand in that area to see if you feel any obstructions or hard spots.

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Check to make sure the mounts are correct for that axis. The X axis mounts are a lil shorter than the Y axis.



That’s exactly what it was I switched them around now runs flawlessly, thank you very much gentlemen.