X-Axis Movement

I’m having an issue with my x-axis movement. It only works intermittently. I tried swapping the drive motor with the z-axis and both worked perfectly when swapped. When I put them back to their respective ports the x-axis works only intermittently again.

To clarify, you plugged the Z motor into the X axis port and the Z motor jogged fine?

I have seen problems like that with another machine I have. Often the issue is right at the DB9 connector. The connectors made today are pretty cheaply manufactured (yes, even Amphenol) and sometimes you will find when they’re mated, there may be a pin or pins, just barely connecting.

Langmuir shipped out a new motor and connector, now the machine works swimmingly.
Kudos to Langmuir and their customer support, best I have seen!

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New issue is happening now where the x-axis will not go the full travel on the left handside. Could there be an issue with the square tube?

Break loose the screws that secure the X axis lead nut. Does jogging to the extents of X travel improve?

I tightened the collar bolts and that helped, it now goes to the end. I’m just worried that there might be something causing binding. I have stripped out one of the collars so I’m always careful on how much to tighten.