X axis motor replacement

Hello all,

I’ve been running pretty smoothly since we got our OG Crossfire. A couple days ago we had our first breakdown. The shaft on the x axis stepper motor broke. It was without warning and the torch had not collided with anything. I’m assuming that it was a manufacturing defect since the broken part of the shaft appears to have some porosity towards the center.

Does anybody know where I can source a x axis stepper for the OG Crossfire very quickly? Being a holiday I assume langmuir is closed. Otherwise I’ll call them tomorrow morning. Im getting backed up by the day.

Thank you all

It’s a Size 23, at least 3Amp. This would work:

but you’ll have to splice into the wires near the motor. It would be tough to find a fast replacement with DB9 connectors.

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Awesome. Thank you.

Where are you Dustin? I will give you the shafts I took off the Crossfire to install the xl kit if your around here.
Sorry man, I misread your post.
Thought you just needed the rods.
My bad.

Thank you! I’m in washington state. I wish it was just the screws!

Where at in WA? I would be willing to let you borrow my motor. I have a pro, so my old xf just collects dust… and anything else I set on it :rofl:

Im in gray’s harbor

Hahaha I get that. Wanting to upgrade soon. I appreciate the offer. I’m down in Kelso. I would take you up on it for sure if I didnt have to work in portland every day this week.

Langmuir just sent us an email with an invoice so it looks like I’ll have a motor by the weekend!

Thank you again!

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And even on a major Holliday they take the time to help a customer out! Wonder if any other plasma table companies would or has or ever will…

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I agree! That’s great customer service!

Yes, I had faced the same issue when the shaft on the x-axis motor broke without any collision. But thankfully I got assistance from Reliance electric motor. You too can reach out to them for any kind of assistance. Hope that will be helpful for you as well.