X Axis motor cable short

Started building my XR got to the drag chains and I found that the x-Axis cable is short. It will barely make it to the y axis drag chain.

You are not the first to report this problem. The Facebook group has a couple of people who received machines with a Y axis stepper on the X axis gantry and the cord was too short. Contact Langmuir support for a resolution.

Thanks, I emailed them as soon as I found the issue. Just frustrated because I sold my pro a few days ago and I’m down lol.

Sorry about that, we got a batch of mixed motors (I.e there were a few Y motors packed in the X motor crate and our assembly tech didn’t catch it).

A few weeks ago we had some extension cables custom made and we will send one out to you ASAP. Just be sure to send an email to support and we’ll get that in the mail tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you! I messaged support yesterday when I found the issue.

I am completing my XR build today and found my X axis motor cable is too short. Lacks about 3.5 feet. I will contact Langmuir Support for the extension cable.

Thanks, your post helped me.

I wanted to follow up on my post. I put in a ticket to Langmuir support. Next day Cameron had my parts on the way!

My hat is off to Cameron and Langmuir!!!

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