X Axis lost steps

Was getting weird results on some cuts. Not cutting in the right spot after the job starts, not returning to the same spot when returning to work zero, but most noticeable was the letter “S” not matching on screen. Ran it a couple of times and then a nut fell on the table…
Took a minute to figure out where it went.

Is there a torque spec for this pulley nut? Right now its just a couple of ugga duggas…

Sorry to hear that! We actually switched this assembly step to a 20ft-lb torque wrench with blue loctite on these nuts to make sure this never happens. Looks like you had one of the early ones.

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In case it helps - addressed tightening that nut here: Need “How To” Guide for Slipping Couplers - CrossFire ® XR - Langmuir Systems Forum

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Sigh. I guess I’m not keeping up…

Don’t feel bad, this was our fault not yours! You aren’t the only one that experienced this. There was an error in our assembly process that we have since fixed.

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@langmuir-daniel At the risk of being a pest, the X-axis is pretty easy given how exposed the components are. Are there any concerns with Y-Axis couplers/mounting nuts? And if so, some guidance from Langmuir would be helpful.

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Cameron has a quick set of instructions for how to tighten these on the Y axis if you are concerned. It’s also fairly easy to do.

Is there an archive of all these additional processes to help maintain/tweak/tighten the tolerance of the XR available?


@langmuir-cameron Is there a link to these instructions? I ran the first test yesterday and my circles were not round so seemed prudent to try this fix

CrossFire XR Y-axis Binding - Troubleshooting Rev. B.pdf (2.2 MB)
Proceed to step #9 for instructions on how to check for slipping. Give me a call if needed.