X axis leadscrew nut mounting problems

the mounting holes are to small for the screws

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Can you post a picture of the problem? The holes should be too big, to allow for the lead nut to self align with the lead screw before you tighten them.

the screw measures .164

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Turn the screws as you insert and they will go in.


And pull back on the white ring against the spring - that will let the black jaws to open up. It threads on easily that way.

Mother bear PITA if you don’t do that (DAMHIK) :grin:

I’m finding the exact same issue with this part. I’m afraid trying to thread the bolt through this plastic piece will result in breaking it. And there’s certainly not much plastic left to drill it out.

I don’t know if smaller diameter bolts is the right answer??

Any thoughts??

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I ended up just drilling the holes out just a hair. Would had thought for such a critical piece (although they all are) there would be a little more plastic there around those bolt holes… ???

But hopefully all works fine. I’d rather drill it out a bit vs risking it breaking trying to force the bolt through

My issue was the two small mounting holes were too small for the bolts to slide through.

I saw that. That’s why I deleted my suggestion - thought I got to it before you saw it :slight_smile:

Yours is a different problem than I thought.

I did get the bolt to go in, basically using the screw as a tap

I broke the X-axis Nut plastic housing by over tightening the mounting screw, so need a new one. Hopefully Langmuir will send on ASAP.

I emailed tech service about this same problem last night. I am assembling my Pro and they said to use the Allen wrench to force it thru. I was worried like the rest of you about breaking it. I also came up short on screws .
The other lead screws had plenty of room .
I am in a holding pattern now. Lol!!:grinning::grinning:

I had the same problem, but i just added a little pressure and they went in without a problem.

I went ahead and screwed mine in with the Allen wrench. it worked just fine. Waiting on nuts and washers to arrive. Was short a few.
Great support team from LS took care of it.