X-Axis Lead screw size?

Does anyone known the PRO X-axis lead screw size and pitch? I broke another one, I’m just going to pick up a couple sticks at the local McMaster Carr to have in hand.

What is causing breakage? Been using my pro a lot and haven’t any troubles with breakage.

They always break at the part of the lead screw that is turned down to fit the coupler. Waiting to hear an answer back from langmuir if this is common or not. I may just use my table a lot. I pretty much cut 16ga 99% of the time, the table runs ar a consistent 220ipm m-f for a out 4 hours a day so it gets used for way more than a hobby machine.

I think you already figured this out on FB, but for anyone else, it a 1/2" 10TPI - 5 start lead screw.

Yep found on FB, good to go!