X axis doesn’t move in breakin but moves manually (Solved)

Tried running breakin a second time after tightening everything and the x axis doesn’t move. Motor is trying and the program shows movement Axis moves fine in manual mode

I was going to say slipping collar on the motor, but that can be it, if it moves manually.
So break-in ran fine first time?

Does it do this with other programs as well?

Try running another program and use the dry run feature just to make sure it isn’t an issue with the program.

Langmuir support helped out and suggested a list of 9 items to check including the voltage in the box. It turned out to be the lead screws were too dry and binding - after adding some 3 n 1 oil to all of them the program works again. I did go through the full list of items just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything else. Thanks everyone!


Will mark this thread as Solved