X Axis Brace holder

So I was looking through the Fireshare projects and saw the one for the X Axis brace holder. Is this something we need to make? Does the Pro not come with one or is this an upgrade? Just curious as i am sitting here waiting for mine to arrive.

Nope. That was made by someone a year or so ago for those folks whose X gantry didn’t hold level on the original Crossfire.

The Pro doesn’t have the open-ended gantry design of the original.

Okay thank you. I am still new to all of this and learning. Thanks for responding.

NP. It was an interesting add-on but I never needed it. My gantry was fine. It was especially handy having the open X - I could get all sorts of larger & oddly sized material on the table. With the Pro, at least one dimension has to be less than just over 4 feet as the 2 Y axis rails are fixed and the material has to fit between them.

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