Wrong post processor

I have a basic crossfire gen.2 and have been using cut ready programs with good results. I just discovered that my post processor is mach 3 and won,t let me design anything. Have tried downloading but keep getting more problems. Any help would be much apprecaited.

That message in Firecontrol is just a generic message that means Firecontrol can’t understand some of the commands in the code. It doesn’t really mean that you’re using a Mach 3 post processor.

What program are you using to try to create your cut files?

I am using sheetcam and inkscape but keep getting message saying the post processor you using is for Mach 3 machine.How do i correct this?Imust have downloaded everything wrong from the start.

In Sheetcam, under options at the top of the screen. I’m on the road right now, so I don’t know for sure but it’s probably either machine or job options. One of them has a tab for post processor. Click on that and go to the drop down menu for post processors. Select Firecontrol v1.6 and hit ok.

ok i will try this THANK YOU for your help !

Hi Dave, now I can import a image and dry run it fine but can not cut , keep getting alarm Ihs fail. I have been watching films but must be missing something. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Ron

when you first hit start for the cut the torch should move to the entry point and then go down until it touches the work and then raise up, begin the pierce and then lower to cut height. Does your torch tip go down to the surface of the work at the beginning of that cycle? Can you provide pictures or video of what is happening?

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I dont have that feather,have to mannually adjust torch height with shims that were provided.

Include a small G-Code file that you’ve generated - that will tell use about your postprocessor…

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not sure how to do this,my skill level is pretty limited.

If you don’t have a powered Z axis, you need to set the pierce and cut heights to zero in your tool settings. Anything other than zero will result in IHS commands being added to the program and Firecontrol is expecting to get feedback from the IHS switch that doesn’t exist on your machine.


Thats what i have done several times but not working.Is it done in the tools list or post processor section ?

These values should be zero in all of your tools.