Would be nice to see more videos from early Batch 1 deliveries

I apologize if I have not looked in the right place, but by now I would have expected to see numerous eager early cut videos posted from the early Batch 1 folks. I have only seen a few though. This is not a complaint, but just a little nudge from a really curious late Batch 2 guy. Thanks

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Theres a few videos on instagram; try doing a search for #langmuirsystems

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Check out my post about my review of the CrossFire. I have added my Facebook and Instagram pages, I have videos and pictures up.

I posted a few short videos on YouTube


Where did you get the 6 volt solenoid that you use with the sharpie in
one of your videos and how did you make the assembly fit the torch

Here’s another video of some cutting I did a couple of nights ago. Some 3/16 plate and some 18ga at 250ipm.