Worth learning now?

Hey team, i just ordered my table and hope to be up and running about March 2021, i have no CAD experience so im looking to spend the next 6 months learning something, i have downloaded Fusion 360 only to discover yesterday these changes to the Licensing. My question now - is Fusion 360 still the best option out there? Or should i not bother with it and go with something else?

Im a home hobbyist Building project vehicles who hopes to turn this into a small sideline business to help fund my hobby.

I like librecad. Its open source and free. It doesn’t have all of the fancy features 360 does but it gets the job done. I create things in it and use sheetcam for the gcode.

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I use Affinity designer and can draw 2D stuff both art and technical easily. Runs on less processing power than fusion and is a buy once solution. No dxf support though, and no toolpathing. But sheetcam is perfect and supports svg. Workflow is very fast now.