Work lead/ground clamp permanent install

Has anyone permanently installed their work lead/ground clamp to the cutting table? If so can you share some pictures and how you did it?

Jim Colt recommended that I shorten my work lead to make it only as long as I need it to be and to fasten it directly to the table.

Here are his exact words: “ cut it to the correct length and fasten it to the cutting bed with a fastener from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Don’t cross other wires.”

Any help is appreciated

I just welded a rod to the end of a slat that wouldn’t interfere with a work piece and bent it down the side of the water table and clamped it. It has been working fine for me on the original crossfire for better than a year. I do like the idea of shortening the ground cable to only what you need. I have also seen other recommendations of drilling a hole in the concrete and driving a grounding rod into the ground and clamping it also. I plan on doing that when I get the Pro that I have been waiting as patiently as possible for. So basically you are running the ground from the cutter to the rod in the ground and then to an end slat since they are all grounded.


There is also videos on youtube about the subject.

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Always ground directly to your work piece.

That’s what I do. Much more consistent and complete contact than through the tops of the slats that touch the material from underneath.

Maybe a permanent connection to the table would be good for an industrial table in a production shop so you’re not moving it all the time. But considering the control box is attached to the table and the very little surface area that the tops of the slats entail, I think attaching to the material as close to the cut as possible (which is the advice I’d always seen) is the way to go.

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I have been grounding directly to work
peice. I’ll keep doing that and just shorten my lead.

I use 2 options…
I have a ground set to my slats…but I also have a magnetic ground to the work piece.
that way if I forget (i am an old man…hahahah) to remove the clamp I do not rip it out of the clamp or damage the Plasma…it just slides off the work.


I am getting old. I forget stuff all the time. Could u share a picture? I’m a visual learner

just type in to Google…magnetic ground clamp plasma…
you will find them all over the place…Amazon…even the local welding store
you can get heavy duty ones…but I just use a basic small one