Wont run Break in file

Hey Everybody i am just finishing up putting together my crossfire pro for the first time . I am trying to run the Break in file to make sure everything works and nothing is working. Now I am using the fire control software and it says its connecting but nothing happens . What am I doing wrong?

It connects via USB. Does your computer show any connected devices? Do other USB devices work when connected to the computer? Some laptop computers put the USB connections to “sleep” as a power saving method. You may have to go into the settings and set them to never sleep.

I’m in the same boat, ready to do the “jog alignment” and can not connect MacBook or toshiba to table!

It shows on the top of the screen that its connected but wont do anything.

Is the control box powered on? Another possibility is that the control box power supply switch is on 220 instead of 110.