Wonky Test Fire

Newbee here. When I run the test in Fire Control I’m getting some issues. First, the Y Axis motor does not sweep its full horizontal length, it only goes about a quarter of the way through its full range. The x axis motor is working fine. Also, I am able to load the Gen2+Cossfire Breakin v1.6 code but, the image (lines) of the test run do not appear in the fire control window. After having seen a video or two, I’ve been unable to solve these mysteries. Can you help?

Does the Y axis movement range seem normal using the jog arrows in the lower right corner of the Firecontrol screen? If not, it may be binding due to table not being square.

OP has a 2x2 CrossFire so square won’t affect travel.

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The manual jog buttons work fine and allow the full range when initiated.

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