Wondering where to save files and import images to sheetcam

While I have been waiting for my table to arrive I having been trying to learn the computer stuff. I have not had much luck trying to import an image to sheetcam. Have saved pictures from the internet and even changed them to dxf files with no luck. Hoping someone has the answer, because i dont know what the heck i am doing!

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On YouTube arclight has some great starter videos on sheetcam.

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@chris40 Good Morning and Welcome to the forum

SheetCAM does not see image files it will only see vector and CAD files (DXF and SVG)

How did you change them to DXF?

Like @Phillipw said, the Arclight series is great.


Attached is a Simple DXF file; A square with hole. Try starting with this file.

testing DXF.dxf (2.3 KB)

import the drawing into SheetCAM here.

Lots of experienced SheetCAM users on this site that I am sure will chime in and set you right, I am only a SheetCAM noobie