Hello all. Newbie from Eau Claire, WI here. Lots of us Wisco folks looking for stuff to do in the winter I guess :man_shrugging:?
I recently ordered a Crossfire XR and an Everlast 82i. Will mainly be using the table for personal projects at first but hope to market some items I’ve had dancing around in my head for a few years. Still need to pick up a good dryer and compressor yet but apparently I have lots of time (months on the table and about a month on the Everlast)! Was thinking of giving that Harbor Junk refrigerated dryer and a Quincy QT-54 or a CH TQ3104 compressor.
I’ve been reading this site for a few days and the amount of information here is insane. Seems like a great community and I’m really excited to dive in and be a part of it. Feb/March can’t come soon enough!
I did see mention on here that the 82i w/ PTM80 torch isn’t the best at detail work on thinner materials so I hope to pick up a PTM60 torch from @mechanic416 sometime to help with that! Seems like he’s kind of the go to guy and he seems to jump in and help a lot!

I’m definitely open to suggestions on refrigerated dryers and air compressors :slight_smile:

Hey Neighbor,
New Richmond Wi here. I have the OG with xl /THC table. Its been great.

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Welcome aboard! … Lots of knowledgeable and friendly folk around here. Yes, there is an insane amount of info here on this forum. Search, have fun, learn and help others.
Season’s Greetings!


Hey New Richmond Wisconsin this is Pat from New Richmond Wisconsin

Hey Pat, nice to know someone local is here lol. What table you have?

Sorry Todd I didn’t see your comment or email apologize. I have the Gen 2 table 2x2 I upgraded with a water table run the hypertherm 45 XP. Right now I’m running into the problem on the voltage test. I’m not sure if I should be using machine torch instead of the hand torch. I’m over in the outskirts of New Richmond Wisconsin how about you

hey just saw this, sorry for late response. I am just south of NR. I just upgraded to the hyperthermia xp45 with machine torch. Its a night and day difference with the razerweld. Did you get it to work?

I just got my machine torch a couple of days ago and forgot to order the holder for the machine torch ordered that last week haven’t heard anything from langmuir when it’s going to be shipped. Then I’ll see if I still have a voltage issue or not or if it was just the hand torch that was doing it. Yeah I’m like a mile north of Boardman

Oh out by Bass Lake. Are you using the Langmuir hypertherm cable? You have THC? I’ve had zero issues with since switch to hypertherm. I have the THC with langmuir cable to hook up.

My bad. Bass lake is west. Must be off County A. Not far from me at all. lol

I’m down 100th Street just passed the town hall down 100 th

I’m in Sparta… east of Lacrosse. I got the CF pro this past fall and have finally got a few cuts under my belt. Was nice having that 3 month wait after I ordered my machine to get acquainted with Fusion 360. The Autodesk and certainly the Langmuir forums have been very helpful!

I got the Z-axis upgrade as well as the Razorweld torch. I’m actually using 2 seperate air dryers… a non refrigerated unit that simply works off a pressure drop followed by a refrigerated Ingersoll Rand dryer… some filters in there as well. But so far with my initial couple months getting familiar with this I’ve only been impressed for most part! Any issues that have come up or had me stumped there has always been a wealth of knowledge quite willing to help out!

Other than the couple upgrades I mentioned I actually had the stainless pans welded together and the screw holes welded over to reasonably assure not water leaks. I had tabs welded to the under side of the pan so I could fasten it to the frame that way without all those screws through it to eventually leak.

Best luck with yur machine!