Wiring Titanium 65

Say what you will, but I need some serious help. This is my first plasma table (crossfire pro) I bought to use around our Hydraulic shop for personal use. Everything’s been pretty easy to assemble, but am I in no way electrician or well-versed in plasma tables. With that being said, I’m stumped on wiring in to my titanium plasma 65. But I’m assuming the red and blue wire when I need to tap into to fire the torch. I’ve literally been doing this all day and I am completely stumped. Anyone have any advice on getting this wired in?

This thread has all the info you need. Titanium 65 wiring


Thank you. Would that be the cable the that crimps on. Im over my head with this wiring. I believe the THC plugs in to the clamp and torch lugs on the back but im unsure it where to put the crimp on wires that i assume are for the torch firing. Am i correct?

Cut the spade connectors off and solder those two wires to pins 3&4 on the CNC connector off the plasma cutter. Polarity doesn’t matter, just one wire to each pin.

I appreciate your help! You saved me a ton of more time tomorrow.

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My dude, I provided links in your actual post