Wiring Powermax 1250 (85)

Does somebody know which wire to move to use the hand torch on the machine on a Powermax 1250 (85)?

On my Powermax 45, i have to move the purple wire from #6 to #8 port to use it on machine or by hand.

I want to do the same thing on my 1250.
Anybody can help me please?!


Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have a 1250 and trying to figure the same thing out. Did you hook the 1250 to the THC?

I had this answer last week but i did’nt try it yet

If you have a 1000 1250 or 1650, spend the money on the MRT Duramax torch. Best thing you could possibly do for your CNC table.

I just bought the retro fit Duramax hand held for it. Haven’t opened the box yet. I got the hand held so I can do manual cuts also. Is it possible to use the voltage divider on the back if you use the jumpers on the hand torch.

I’m not sure honestly, I don’t know if the hand torch provides voltage feedback for AVC. If you go on Plasmaspider.com and message Jim Colt, he’s pretty responsive.

The voltage divider and hand/machine torch on/off are independant. Meaning if the voltage divider is there, you can use it. Don’t confuse the voltage divider with the raw arc volts. Voltage divider is on pins 5,6 of the circular connector. Raw arc you will have to open machine up and route wires to terminals J15, J16. Only use the raw arc if you don’t have the voltage divider. Read all the warnings, raw arc voltages can be lethal. 1250 manual here, see pages 3-11 on.

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You shouldn’t be using raw arc voltage at all unless you know your machine is set up for it. Many CNC tables (including the Pro I believe) can accommodate either but need a physical change on the circuit board. Usually just a jumper or pin switched. If you feed raw arc voltage to a table set up for a 1:20 or 1:50 divided signal, you’ll fry the board.

But I believe his question was whether or not a voltage signal for THC is even output while using the hand torch as opposed to the machine torch. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but I don’t know for sure.

Thanks for the information. After reviewing the documents you posted I double checked and my machine doesn’t have the divided output so I will have to have to use the raw off of pin 15 and 16.