Wiring for crossfire xr

Right up front, I have no idea aboit any of this stuff. I have been out in a position to try and make something work that someone else put together.
That being said, I am unsure if the wiring that was done and could use any type of assistance, diagram, video, etc
Thank you

Have a look at the assembly instructions. CrossFire XR Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems

Welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your post to the XR category where it will get more eyes. Note that Langmuir provides direct support for the XR system and @langmuir-cameron is main support person.

Fortunately I thought if that before I came in here. However, there guide is passable at best. So I am going to label all ends at computer and trace them all the way to where they go and make a note of it. At least that way I will be able to group all wiring the way it’s supposed to be.

Hmmm… I thought the manual was well written!


If you can’t follow the assembly instructions on the XR, then you need to find someone to figure it out for you. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow and well explained.

Amen!! Obviously never tried to assemble Chinese equipment.

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