Wiring diagram needed for razor weld cut 45

Hello everyone, just seeing if anyone has an easy to follow wiring breakdown for the THC upgrade kit. I’m using a gen1 razor weld cut 45 That came with my crossfire legacy.

I have been messing with this cutter for about 3 years and have been very unsuccessful with making cuts.

I was told by langmuir to step away from Mach 3 but in order to do that would need to upgrade with the THC kit.

Now that I’ve saved up and got the THC kit I’m at a loss. The user guide isn’t very helpful for wiring. That or I’m just too stupid to get it. At this point anything would help.

Here ya go:


did you ever get this resolved? I have the same razorcut weld45

The Razorweld with the single plug is the trigger plug and has nothing to do with THC. You wire THC directly to the inside of the plasma cutter.

Thank you for replying back. Anychance you can share a picture where the torch On /off where it goes to. I dont see anything on my connections whatvwould plug in there. My plasma is at my friends shop and they moved it around. I dont see anything that could plug in there.

Are you reffering to that plug. I currently dont have anything there. My plasma looks just like this one. Is that where the Torch on / off goes to?

Here’s what I drew up. is this correct, Currently that torch on/off is going to DIV input. looks like somone might have disconnected it and tried to reconnect it back and didnt pay attention how it goes back.

Ok, I’m a little confused. Your attached image shows RAW input and PV (RAW) output coming from the box. And going to the THC connection on the FireControl box. But your statement is that torch on/off is going to DIV input?

Let’s clarify a bit here… Torch on / off (for a RazorWeld45 - usually the 2 pin connector on the front) goes directly (no other boxes) to the Torch on / off plug on the FireControl Electronics enclosure. Anything from the THC box (DIV Output / PV Output) goes to the THC connector on the FireControl Enclosure.

THC will not and cannot affect your torch on / off triggering. THC is also not IHS, which will control the initial pierce and cut height selection, assuming you have a powered Z axis.

If your drawing is correct, then yes, Torch on / off needs to go to the Electronics box, with another connector going from PV Output to the THC connector on the electronics box.


Yes. Looks like a employee moved some things around and didn’t know how to put it all back. Not sure why. I wasnt there. But about to go make that change.

Here’s how it was and now i will connect it to the Torch On/Off in the image. The yellow line went to DIV input. So im tsking it out of there and putting it to Torch On/Off.

Mann i wish they never disconnected things.

Yes, plug the cable leading from table control box marked torch on/off, plug the other end of this cable into the blue port on front of your plasma cutter.

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Ok great news. I got here. And made the change. It works!!! Im going to make a drawing for idoits like me. Incase this happens again. Mann 8hrs min. Spent yesterday. Just happy I didnt fry anything

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