Wiring a Hypertherm Torch for chinese plasma cutters

Alright… so this is going to be a tutorial on how to wire a Hypertherm torch for a chinese machine (Primeweld Cut60).

I bought a hypertherm duramax torch and a PrimeWeld Cut60.
This isn’t as good as a hypertherm 65, lets be honest. Hypertherm is top of the game, but i would say this is definitely 80 percent as good at 1/3 the price.
Most of the magic is in the torch and we aim to capture that today.

For reference, i can cut 1/4 at 110ipm per minute but best cut quality is 80ipm.
Previously Cut60 was 48ipm.
16 gauge cuts best at 270ipm, previously it was 110ipm.

The big deal is the increased cut thickness and the consumable life, It cuts 1/2" much faster and the consumable life is easily 5X that of the trafimet Torch.

Alright, Now onto the actual how to:

I bought a duramax torch, PN HYP059473. BakerGas has them for 412, at the time of purchase, i got mine for 340 off ebay.

You also have the option to purchase a plug which will let you keep your old torch, I opted to sell mine so i unscrewed the airline and kept the plug off it. plug shown below, amazon/ebay sell them. the important number is Fy0023

Its a little hard to see from this photo but starting from the top right you have 1 and that works clockwise around the plug.

So plug 1 & 9 will be a long pin, both of those are going to be connected to the Red wire in the Duramax torch, its for the pilot arc.

Plug 3 and 6 are for your trigger, they are short pins and will be connected to purple and blue.

You’ll be left over with an orange wire, this runs up to the trigger and i think is for voltage readings to hypertherm. Regardless it inst necessary and you can clip it off on the machine side.

You’ll have to either cut off the hypertherm plug which i did or buy a torch without a plug on it. Its plastic and kind of pain but only takes a few minutes.

Lastly the brass barrel that air flows through, i cut it short and threaded it with an m10 die on torch side and a tap on nut side. You could also thread it with a die and use the flow through bolt provided with your Cut60.

After all this is done, you have a torch that fires hand held or by CNC control and your cut capabilities and consumable life is through the roof.

Below are my cut speed tests on 16 gauge and 1/4

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The Primeweld Cut 60 does not come with a Trafimet torch, it comes with a Tecmo IPT torch. You would have gotten the same results if you would have put a PTM 60 torch on it and used the right consumables.

So comparing a IPT hand torch with unknown consumables and cuts to a Hypertherm torch with known consumables is really not comparing apples to apples.

Sorry I mispoke as to the type of torch, However… i used the torch provided with the Cut60 and i bought my consumables from you.

Additionally, the cut numbers are numbers i pulled from the recommended settings provided and then confirmed with the same test i did for the hypertherm torch.

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I really can’t see any advantage to it, but if it works for you then that’s all that matters.

Are you still using this setup? Is it living up to expectations? Thanks.

i was using it for a while and it worked decently…much better than stock but then my primeweld cut 60 crapped out so i bought a hypertherm and its wayyyy better, should have done it from the beginning. Havent got around to sending in my primeweld cut 60

Hello again sir. I was just wondering if there is a difference between the IPTM60 and the PT60 torches other than one being a machine torch and one a hand torch?

I purchased what primeweld calls a PTM60 machine torch but I see it says IPTM on it so I was curious. I see in your reply here that you say a PT60 torch with the right consumables would cut just as good as the hyperthermia torch so that is why I’m curious to see if there is any difference between them

I have used both a Tecmo PTM60 and a Hypertherm Duramax torch on my Everlast and they most certainly do not cut the same.

I can run significantly higher speeds with better quality cuts with the Hypertherm torch.

I also get way better consumable life from the Hypertherm, but most of that is probably due to the size difference between the electrodes.

The biggest benefit is not having the electrode screw into the torch. I had one get stuck and break off in the PTM 60 torch.

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A real PTM60 torch comes from Tecmo in Italy. A IPTM60 torch is a Chinese copy.

If you want to see the cost of real Tecmo torch’s check out the ones for the Lincoln plasma cutters, they come from Tecmo in Italy.


Exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you for the info.

I figured since it was a primeweld offering it was a China clone. I’ve had good luck with China clone Honda motors but there is so many that it’s hard to buy parts for them when everyone has a little different wrist pin offset or vs versa.

I know you mentioned you are closing up your shop. Are you selling off your old stock?

I’m not real far away I would be interested in purchasing some if you are.

No, I am closing the shop. I will still be selling torch’s, consumables, plasma cutters, welders, etc. Just not taking in out side work.

Now if you want to buy out my business we can talk.


Ok good to know. I wasn’t sure if you were completely done with it all or not. As long as I can procure my consumables from you is all I care. You really know your stuff with this whole plasma world. I really appreciate your help and look forward to doing business with you.

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