Windmill Design Issues

I am trying to build and cut out a simple model windmill to match one my great grandfather built. The issue I am running in to is Fusion 2d Profile thinks its smarter than me. I have and outside circle and then 12 equally spaced lines that come near the center of the circle that will be bent to create the sails / propellers. The generated cut path creates these random selections on which items it will cut or not cut. sometimes it will cut most of the outside circle and not all the propeller lines or other times it will cut all the propeller lines but will create random arcs that are not lines I even drew.

I have tried different selection orders and letting the PC create the order and preserving the orders I select.

Thanks for the help.

not sure whats going on. Fusion allows you to select what to cut. I would make 2 cut profiles, Select all the inside lines to cut in the first profile. then cut the outside circle in the second profile.


That was my next step but I was hopeful that there was a simple way to make this part with a single profile.

Thanks for the help.

In the end it’s usually simpler just to make a second (or even 3rd or 4th) profile than trying to look through the spaghetti on your screen to make sure you got everything. also I imagine for the inside cuts you don’t want lead in/out but on the outside cut it’ll be a neater job if you use a lead in. Making the second profile isn’t a big deal it will mostly adopt the settings in your first profile but give you the chance to pick what you want it to cut. so it only takes a few extra seconds.


Maybe make your fins with two lines instead of one…slightly larger than your kerf…with a radius at the center where the line terminates.It shouldnt change it much…your torch will travel in and back out following the same path almost.

Thanks for the advice. I ended up running two profiles and that solved the problem. It was much simpler to manage and to review previous to cutting.

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wow…this is so interesting for a newbie…can you post your finished product too!

I ended up doing two separate profiles. Lines first and than the center circle and the outside on the second pass. Turned out perfect. Thanks for the help everyone.