Will my green lines of text produce a g code that will cut?

And if not how do I change them to blue…?

Did you explode the text? Did you try generating a toolpath?

If it shows being cut when you simulate the toolpath in the Manufacture environment, you should be good.

I did explode it but it is green and not blue, I don’t really know how to go back and change anything after creating a tool path so wanted to get it right before I do that. maybe text is green ? I don’t know. It is solid and not dotted lines…?

Does it show as being cut when you simulate the toolpath being cut?

Did you get a checkmark or exclamation point when your toolpath generated? If you got checkmark(good), it means everything generated okay.

Check Mark

I guess I should have said, green lines will cut. For me, it’s usually other things like insufficient interior width within the letters that cause me issues.

This is the tool to Unfix and Fix sketch lines. ( Green fixed to Blue Unfixed)