Wiggle front to back Z axis *SOLVED*

I must say I really liking this table. One thing a little concerning is that the motorized Z axis wiggles front to back. Pretty sure it’s always done that. I haven’t noticed issues cutting but just curious if there is a process for tightening it up.

But super impressed with the table and prime cut60. 3/16 has almost no slag requiring no cleanup. I haven’t cut anything thicker yet.

Is the play in the whole carriage that rides on the X rail or just in the Z carriage that rides on the round rods?

Both can be easily adjusted.

The carriage that rides on the X rail is adjusted using the small bearings that ride on the rail. Loosen the bolts that hold the bearings and there are set screws that push on those bolts to adjust them in and out. This is also how you adjust forward and backward tilt of the Z axis.

The Z carriage is adjusted by using the wheels on the right side of the Z axis. Those wheels are on eccentric mounts. Loosen the nuts on the back of the wheels and there is a flat on the end of the bolt. Use that flat to turn the eccentric to tighten the wheel against the rod and remove any play in the carriage. Don’t make it too tight or you will have issues with the Z axis binding and screwing up the IHS system.


Thanks for the help. The play is only at the Z axis. Thanks for the adjusting tip’s too. The play moving forward to backwards from torch mount is at least 1/4- 3/8”. Not sure how it doesn’t appear to affect the cut though.

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oh it will…yoiu have just not seen it yet…

here are a couple of things to look at…first this video found on the assembly page for the pro to make sure you are square to the table and the Z axis is properly adjusted…

then there are some beaering you can ever so slightly adjust marked here in BLUE…a slight turn make them tighter…just enough to take the wobble out…


Thanks all. The adjustment took 5 min and worked perfectly.


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Thanks. I didn’t know there was an option to do that.

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