Why are edges wavy

I get wavy edges like this from time to time, seems to be random, any idea what causes this? Consumables are new. I cut another identical part right after this one and the same edge is straight, all settings the same.

id check your design. ive had things in the past that came out a little funky and stuff like that usually always was from the design and/or bitmap. hope that helps any

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check for dirt on the wheels / track. A little bit of dross in the way can do this. also look at your set screws. They like to loosen up over time if you haven’t put a drop of blue thread locker on them. Loose set screws can cause waves/wiggles.

Thanks for the reply’s. I don’t think its the drawing, its just a simple straight line that I drew. Also, I cut multiple identical parts from the same cut file and only a couple had this problem. I will check out the set screws and general cleanliness of everything, see what happens. Thanks.