Who's put down a deposit?

I have! Machine with all the upgrades, as soon as it went live (which happened 30 seconds late I might add).

Who else is super excited for this machine and done the deed?

I did with all options. Order in by 10:01 AM.

Just did with all the options 5 minuets ago

order placed. now the new thread on the available american tooling. lol

Woohooo. Ha I figured this thread would pop up quickly. Got a deposit down, but I didn’t see any place to choose all the options? I thought that we choose that stuff when it comes time to ship?

Should be able to add no problem I would think

There were 3 check boxes on the deposit order page for the options, I checked all three. I suspect Langmuir will be happy to sell you extra stuff, just email them.

I got mine in I think at 10:02 :slight_smile: very excited but they won’t/can’t say who is in line and what order. Just that May is the target.
Very excited. The wife didn’t even bat an eye at the purchase either. - very suspect actually


She is just excited for her next big purchase! :wink: :rofl:


If it is my wife, she is planning the next vacation get-away or wants new carpet! Something will need changed and it is not because it is worn out!


I’m pretty close to making the order.


Just do it, its only money!!! :rofl:

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Just fyi….

NOTE: A missed pre-order on Launch Day will likely result in a mid-2025 delivery date.


WOW, that is a long wait. Worse than buying a custom truck.

Yup…but it’s a really nice press.

Works for me. Cheaper price and more time to save up. Lol


Anyone know what the deposit window is to get the early discount pricing?