Who has a razorweld 45 cnc model? Need a picture

Please…can someone verify the cnc ports for me?

This is picture in manual

Can you verify your to this, 2 pins each?


This is my Razorcut45 with CNC port, and my unit have the torch on/off on the left port.
And the plugs fit on any of them.
I recommend you to open up and look inside. On my unit you can see the black and yellow cable goes up and to the backside of the board and it is solder to the back of the manual switch contact.
If it’s a new unit also double check the repair already done by Razorweld. Because my unit had a bad repair when I got it (shortened over the new resistor).
Pic of my unit:

Pic of the inside:

Pic of bad soldering from Razorweld:

Why do they say it’s bad soldering? The resistor is not likely to fall off :wink:



Thanks will do, mine has a 4 pin connector that only uses 2 pins, so if it is off 90* (connector is loose enough to connect anyway) torch won’t fire, it shows both on pages 10/11 of thc manual…knowing that would of saved frustration, I need to grab a ladder, pull plasma down and see how its wired.
Hopefully that will fix my thc problem

Again :beer: