Which Plasma Cutter You Have Used

I currently have a Cutmaster 82 that I run on my table. It seems like overkill to me to have such a big machine on this table. I am looking to get a new machine. Most of my cutting is 1/4" and under. I am willing to spend the money on a good machine. What have you guys found to be the best machine for this table? Machine torch or just stay with the angle torch. This would stay with the table and I could use the Cutmaster for other projects.


I use a Cutmaster 42 on my table. The majority of my cuts are 1/4 or less, but I have done some 3/8 cuts with no issues.

I started out with the Everlast 60s and ran into problems right away. I will say most of that was due to my lack of understanding a lot of the integration of the cutter to the table.

I now run a Hypertherm 45xp and absolutely love it. A very small learning curve in the beginning but overall very plug and play. The consumables are too notch and the company has been building plasma cutters for a very long time.

I would go with the machine torch. My reason for this is because I feel like it is more secure in the holder on the table.

I have both the machine torch and hand torch and I reserve the hand torch for cutting larger sheets into quarters.

I use an HTP Microcut 875 and have been extremely happy with it. I also do a lot of 1/4" and under but have done quite a bit of 3/8" and a little bit of 1/2". It hasn’t skipped a beat.

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Forgot to add that I do a lot in 14 and 12 gauge steel, 5/8” steel, 1/4” steel and 1/8” aluminum.

Thanks everyone. Went with the Hypertherm 45xp. should have it this week

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